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    is meplat really the best FFL in town, been seeing so much about them

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    I've used them in the past - stand up guy!

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    No experience on them, but I've used both MEJ services and Lodwick Small Arms, and both were very professional, great guys.

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    Kenny is good people.

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    I've never used them for business but after chatting for a bit, Meplat seems good in my book.

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    Affirmative. Best in town

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    I stopped in one day and chatted with Kenny and Iíd say he seems awesome. If I ever get around to getting any NFA stuff Iíll definitely use him!

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    Holy crap, thanks for the kind words guys. I donít know about the best in town but we do try. I think we are the best in the state when it comes to NFA items.

    On Title I stuff we definitely have a smaller selection just because our footprint is smaller and I prefer to concentrate on NFA weapons and suppressor hosts but we do keep a nice selection of Glocks.

    For hunting shotguns I send people to Puglias and for optics I send them to Interstate because I think they each have the widest selection in those areas. I try to stay in my lane.

    In any event, the kindness is much appreciated.

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