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    Says 11 year old and still looking for 5 more under 18

    New Orleans.
    How did the parents not know the 11 year old had things in the home that were not his.
    From the pictures looked like it was very loe tech. Just brake a side window out and grab whatever was left in car.
    I would bet that most if not all has to have had something in plain sight.
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    I have seen parents upset at their kids for "getting caught" stealing in my retail days. They encourage the theft behavior, but beat their ass for getting caught. A couple of times cops arrested the parents for using their kids to steal for them.

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    Friend of mine had a laptop stolen from 7080x (one of the “gentrifying” residential areas the lefties cry about). Thief/thieves had cut the burglar bars and crawled in thru a small high window into a guest bathroom during a weekday when she was at work. Another friend went with her in his marked unit to where the “find my mac” said it was.

    Turned out it was in the middle-schooler’s room. In his closet. In a backpack. With a cordless grinder, crow bar, and bolt cutters. Momma commenced to laying the fear of God in young mr sticky-fingers “fo’ braingin’ dat up in mah hows”.

    Note: not for breaking into a woman’s house. Not for stealing something valued where it wouldn’t be just a summons (bunch of high end programs on it). Not for lying about having done it. She was insinuating next time he better to pawn the stuff quicker.


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    "John left that here when he stayed over."
    "James gave me that because his parents got him a new one for his birthday."
    "Tom let me borrow it and he borrowed my game."

    As long as their kid gives them some kind of semi-plausible explanation, most parents won't dig deeper. When their kids get caught, and start telling the truth, the parents usually remember asking their kids and what their kids told them, and then start asking about all kinds of other stuff that they had questioned in the past and believed whatever their "angel" had told them.

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    People in Algiers have been shot at when confronting these hoodlums breaking into cars.

    An elderly couple was shot in Mid City, about a year ago, when confronting these thieves.

    I respond to all alarms and noises with a 12ga after dark.

    One day, I fear, you'll see a 'Momma' on TV proclaiming that her boy was a good boy. A good student. And I'll be out pressure washing my driveway.

    I hate pressure washing.
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    Doesn't surprise me.

    Merritt Landry case...

    Kid got shot in the head trying to break in.
    Recovered in the hospital.
    Got caught trying to break into another residence.

    You would think that getting shot in the head would be the wake up call.
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    News said today he was let go and charges dropped. As he named names and others were taken in.

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    the juvenile justice system is broken and dysfunctional as it reflects the nature of our society at this time. Children without parents and proper guidance in life grow up and become dysfunctional parents. Until the world gets back on moral clarity - all walks of like not just the inner city, we will continue to see these issues and the drug/alcohol abuse by teens who then want to emulate the adults they admire. It is cooler to be a gangsta in this world than to be educated.

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