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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungMarine View Post
    The total cost is looking to be around $350 for a potentially beat up .40 cal after tax, shipping, and FFL fee. I guess most are just wanting the NOPD stamp.
    Iím not saying the price is good or not and not getting one for myself, just posting for those interested in local law enforcement-marked pistols.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thperez1972 View Post
    As I understand it, this deal may be good for a little while. There was a recent number of officers who traded their .40 for 9mm. They have a window of time they can purchase their old duty weapons before they become available to the public.
    Cut off date on the most current batch is today for officers to claim theirs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcm192 View Post
    Cut off date on the most current batch is today for officers to claim theirs.
    I sent you a PM.

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    mine arrived earlier in the week.

    holster wear on par with the stock photo. barrel smiles and normal wear from what i'd imagine is a decade + of qualifying.

    after FFL transfer (mine's on the high side but worth it to me for reasons) it was about $360 including tax/shipping.

    i'm 100% satisfied with what i got for the price, its not my first glock and i bought it purely as a local novelty. someone else i sent the link to feels the same way. i'm happy to have it in my collection.

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    I’m fee exempt so I made this total work for me.
    As far as the deal, I remember the best prices I’ve seen in quite some time on a run of the mill police trade Glock 22 was $299 plus shippping cost of $9.99 flat rate, but usually like 20 bucks plus for 2 day, which is what they’re supposed to stick to. I did buy this one for the novelty more than anything. I have a few with department stamps so it’s just my thing..but I can’t ignore that it’s still a good deal.
    Btw, I’m the .40 S&W guy. I like the round. I don’t find the recoil too snappy. I don’t find the difference in cost from 9mm to be too great for me. I stocked up heavy at $7 per 50 on good plinking ammo recently and nearly doubled my stores. Anyone who can’t seem to sell that perfectly good .40 S&W pistol can feel free to contact me here on the site and I’m sure we can work out a deal to help you unload that paperweight.

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