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    Large reloading bundle for sale

    Selling for a very dear friend who is in declining health and can no longer enjoy shooting sports.


    Dillon 550 with 3 quick change caliber power heads. (9mm, .223/5.56, .30 carbine). The press has every available Dillon add on (trays, power handle, tool set, power head stands, etc). The press was used very little and is in like new condition. He will not break any of the bundle apart and will only sell as a complete lot. Included is;

    20 lbs of unopened new Accurate # 2 powder (1-lb cans) (9mm)
    All brass is once fired, various makers, the bullets are also various makers
    .223 bullets - approximately 3.5K
    .223 brass - approx. 7k
    9mm bullets - approx. 2000
    9mm brass - approx. 7k
    30 cal bullets - approx. 1500
    .30 cal brass - approx. 1250
    .223 primers - 15k
    9mm primers - 10K
    Hogden H335 Powder - 16 lbs (.223)
    Winchester 296 Powder - 8lbs (.30 carbine)
    Lyman tumbler / pan, media
    Digital scale
    Giraud rifle case trimmer (.223 / 5.56)
    Dillon military 5.56 primer pocket swagger

    The total retail price to replace the above items is near $5,500, he is asking $2,500, can meet almost anywhere in SE/SW LA and MS Gulfcoast
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    That's an amazing package there.

    I am commenting so I can follow, I understand not parting it out right now.
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    Pm sent

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