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    Part of my Collection

    ***all sold!!!****

    In an effort to clean up my adds I am consolidating some my adds here.

    I have Jeep parts to buy so no trades also not in too big of a rush to sell and may pull any or all at any time.

    From the top down:

    1941 Baretta M91/38 Calvary TS Carbine in 6.5 Carcano no numbers match dinged up but light an handy. Will come with a box of rounds and about 3 or 4 en-blocs


    Japanese Arisaka T99 in 7.7 Jap. Mum has a scratch through it, appears to be Series & Nagoya and is a great shooter No AA sights and overall good shape. Will come with About 50 rounds of 7.7 Jap



    1943 VKT Finnish M91 bolt matches receiver and bore is extremely good wood is in great shape as well and is a very good shooter.



    Egyptian Hakim in 8mm Mauser. Great shooter, often called the Egyptian Grand with it 10 rounds of 8mm on tap. This is is in really good shape and will come with approximately 400 rounds of 8mm surplus Egyptian.



    Springfield Trapdoor in 45-70 GOVT!!! This is a Model 188 Type 2 Cadet Carbine (best I can tell) with a date of 1892 stamped on the stock... This is in very good shape except that some of the finish has been accident stripped from bore cleaner seeping out the breach (pictured) this actually has a very good bore and is a shooter!!! The very tip of the stock is cracked but stays in place when assembled.



    Beater/ Project Longbranch Enfield No1/3 this needs a lot of TLC has a chipped rail shitty mag and no matching numbers not pictured I do have the top wood for it. The bore is perfect so it is worth salvaging.



    1946 M44. Beautiful condition perfect bluing and a great shooter. The blonde wood is indicative of a post war Russian rifle and she has a Finnish sling as well.


    If you just want to buy them all you can get them all for $2300!

    I am located in NOLA and can drive a reasonable distance. Sorry no trades!!!
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    Sooooo Cheesy!

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    That trapdoor is a beauty.
    The M44 is no slouch either.
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