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    3 Methods for Posting Pictures

    This will provide three methods for posting pictures that appear in the thread. Both of these methods will assume you are on the full site on a computer. If you are reading this on a phone, the first step for following these methods is to find a computer. The first method will use the site's attachment system.

    When you start a new thread, you should be in advanced mode. If you are editing your post or replying to a post, you should see a button at the bottom right of the edit window that is labeled "Go Advanced." Clicking that will put you in edit mode. Click on the attachment mode to bring up the attachment panel in a new window or tab.
    Attachment 92489

    In the upper right, you should see a button labeled "Add Files." Click it.
    Attachment 92490

    Click "Choose File" and find the file on your computer.
    Attachment 92491

    Once you have found it and clicked "OK," you can "Upload" the file to the server.
    Attachment 92492

    You will see all of the newly uploaded files on the bottom, starting from the left.
    Attachment 92493
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    When you have your files uploaded, click on "Insert Inline." The number in parentheses is the number of files you are inserting.
    Attachment 92494

    Then click "Done" and the attachment window should close.
    Attachment 92495

    You should see the link to the local attachment in your post.
    Attachment 92496

    You can "Preview Post" to see what it looks like. When you are satisfied, "Submit New Thread."
    Attachment 92497

    Your image should now show up in your post.
    Attachment 92498
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    The second method uses the site At the time of this posting, there is no charge to upload images and no account is needed. When you go to the home page, click on "New Post" in the upper left to start the process.
    Attachment 92499

    You can either drag and drop images from your computer to the browser window or you choose the image to upload.
    Attachment 92500

    Once the image is uploaded, move your mouse to the upper right of the image.
    Attachment 92501

    You should see some stuff appear. Click on the three dots.
    Attachment 92502

    From the new menu, click "Get share links."
    Attachment 92503
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    Copy the "Copy Link" under the BBCode text.
    Attachment 92504

    Paste the copied link into your post.
    Attachment 92505
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    The third method uses the site's image hosting. You can get to it by clicking "Image Hosting" in the site's header.
    Attachment 92510

    From there, you "Choose File" you'd like to upload.
    Attachment 92511

    When all of the files have been chosen, click on "Start Uploading."
    Attachment 92512

    Click on the text to the left of "Hotlink for forums." If not all of the text is selected, click on the text one more time. When all of the text is blue, right click on it and copy. You can also use ctrl-c (pc) or cmd-c (mac). Paste that link into the new post. If you uploaded more than one image, you will need to copy and paste the link for each image.
    Attachment 92513
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