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    Donít troll me bro!

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    Seems like it’s enough for some to just have something to argue over. But yeah, don’t stress. Almost every gun owner is in the same boat.
    Doesnít play well with TROLLS...

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    Make your own luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosco View Post
    Can't say much about the government keeping lists but if they wanted to they'd have no problem doing so these days.

    Google has no issue giving up all of your data to law enforcement and government agencies. That's your search history, location data from your phone, anything you keep in Google Mail, Contacts, Calendars, etc. I'm pretty sure Facebook and all other social media apps do the same thing. Heck your cell phone company keeps logs of your location data as long as your phone has service. If they want to they can see how often you're at the gun shop or Academy and add you to whatever lists are out there. There's been a bunch of articles recently of people getting in trouble just b/c their phone said they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    20 years ago we IT folk used to laugh and say "Who would spend billions on storage to keep records of every person's activities" and now it's a reality. So unless you're completely off the grid (no wireless devices) and use VPN whenever you go online and pay for everything with cash, you can't hide. And yes, if you aren't paying cash for everything, your purchases are being tracked and that data is being sold. It's a scary time to be alive hoping you don't end up on someone's radar because if the Eye of Sauron points at you it's going to find out everything about you.

    The question is what will make them turn their attention on you? Will a post like this just exposing the possibility be enough? I'm sure you've seen this video of the police interrogation in China for making a comment in a group chat. Hopefully it will never get that bad in the US.

    Anyway, enough of the tin foil hat. As others have said, there's no reason to stress out about it, because there's really nothing we can do. It is an interesting topic to discuss though.
    It also really comes down to how each person wants to live their life. Everything has a pro and a con. I'd prefer that the government didn't have access to all of my data. But, I'm a big technology fan and really enjoy how technology can enhance many parts of life. I have location tracking turned on in things like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and etc. It's quite useful, though I knowingly accept that a plethora of businesses now have my information. Pro/con.

    Fun story...I stayed at the Four Seasons in Austin, TX a few weeks ago. I was on my phone and on Facebook and I started seeing ads for Bentley and Aston Martin. Now, a few weeks later, I see these ads across all of my devices, across different platforms, all the time.
    -- Austin

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