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    Quote Originally Posted by Young_Gun View Post
    Added that I would also consider a Glock 43X since I’m undecided lol
    The P365XL has night sights, holds 12+1 rounds, slide is cut for RDS and is comparable in size to the G43X.

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    Tried to send you a message for your inbox is full.

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    Not sure what’s happening bc I deleted all my messages. Text me if you can

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    I have one with 20rds thru it it's a newer model.i believe it has the night sights,comes with box and 3 mags and a $40 holster ..I wasn't planning on selling it but I don't use it and it's a safe queen..
    If u want it,I'll let it go for $ you the taxes plus has an extra mag and holster ..
    If your interested,I'll dig it out the safe and send some more pictures of everything it comes's like new.

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    I found one and bought it today. Thanks for all the help

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