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    Cerakote Service?

    Hey ya値l! I知 not sure if this is the right thread but, is there anyone here that can cerakote an AK pistol? In order for it to make sense for me (for resale) it has to cost around 75$. Can throw in AR parts to make up the difference or manual labor if you have a big job. Cheers!

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    Cerakote? AK tactical if your go to, but it'll probably cost you over 100.

    If you want to do a cheaper finish, you may want to look into brownells gunkote or some Duracoat and do it yourself. I've done Duracoat myself on an old AK and it came out fine enough for me. I have AK tactical do my Sig MPX in tungsten gray, I just haven't had the time to shoot it to see if the paint affected any tolerances. The paint job was good though.

    But I plan to do one of my rifles noveske bazooka green next.

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    Ak tactical on the westbank of New Orleans.

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    Sic semper tyrannis

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    Another for AK tactical. He doo guud werk!
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    On Target

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    Yup. Ak tactical is a winner

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    Thanks guys! I went to them and they are awesome!!

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