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    AR-14 Lower Receiver

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    PSA is always quick with it!

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    Does it come with 100 round clips?
    Those who live by the sword, get shot by those who don't.


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    Not Banned!!!

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    Genius, I saw that and it brought me back to the tec9 saga of the 90s. Is it a tec9, or an ab10, or a ap9, or a....

    Ban it by name, and we will call it something else, ban it by description and we will work around that too. You can't ban creativity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by machinedrummer View Post
    Does it come with 100 round clips?
    30 caliber clips... those have killed 150 million Americans since 07.
    "These Rocky Mountains aren't very rocky. Yeah, that John Denver is full of SH**!"

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    I want the KAG lower!

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    Love how they do this. PSA FTW when it comes to satire...

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