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    Quote Originally Posted by thperez1972 View Post
    Not being like everyone else is probably one of the worst reasons for going with non-glock. The only other reasons mentioned, fde and night sights, are available with glocks. If you don't like glocks or the M&P feels better, I get it. But one should never pick a self defense weapon because it is different than the majority.

    As for the M&P that came out in 2005, long after Glock's polymer frame pistol success had taken the world by storm. The entire design of the M&P is essentially copied from the sleekness of the Glock. Why, you ask? Because it is acknowledged by many (laypeople & so called experts), that the less external gadgets that protrude from the frame & slide (such as thumb safety's, slide locks, etc), the better when it comes to a safe, snag-less, and relatively quick deployment from concealment / holsters, etc., in that moment of truth.

    In other words, and this goes for anyone; if you holster your gun on your person for intended self defense, and like YOUR "chosen" gun because....blah, blah, blah; but you haven't considered what name brand "tier 1" pistol would be best for the practical application of self protection, then you may not be choosing YOUR brand for the right reason.

    That said, if you like the "feel" of the M&P, that's your personal consideration, but for all intent and purposes, it's a Glock!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vigilante Sniper View Post
    After reading this thread, I realize a lot of you either need training or shouldn't own a gun at all.
    Hahahahaha! Right on!
    Doesnít play well with TROLLS...

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    IMHO, the best gun is the one you have.

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    any PROVEN platform in AT LEAST 9mm or .38 +P with LOTZ O PRACTICE ! ! !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesy Lasagna View Post
    If you donít have time to try out a few guns at a range for fit then you likely donít have time to practice with the one you buy either.
    A good pistol for self defense requires that it fit you well as a shooter and that you consistently practice with what you do buy.
    Without these things may I suggest you just carry a brick?
    Youíll likely be more proficient with it than a pistol and you are less likely to hurt yourself or innocent bystanders with it.

    I find their utility brick in slate gray to be an excellent option with the bonus in that it looks soooo tacticool.

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    Sooooo Cheesy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosco View Post
    I am speechless.
    That is hilarious.
    Well played Sir!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesy Lasagna View Post
    I am speechless.
    That is hilarious.
    Well played Sir!
    Highly recommend the show! It's on Amazon Prime and is great fun if you grew up Catholic. Has a lot of Irish humor in it that is lost unless you are familiar with the country and it's culture but I still find it hilarious.

    Anyway sorry to derail the thread Carry on all!

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    The best pistol for self defense???? Why the one you happen to have in your hand of course!!
    In all seriousness though the best pistol would be one that you can shoot, goes bang every time you pull the trigger and sends the projectile where you want it sent. SInce you are shooting at bad breath distance caliber is not as important as bullet placement. If he/she still poses a danger after being shot, repeat as necessary
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    I like to look at performance numbers when making important decisions like this. Hate to just pick what looks right. Or go with the prevailing popular choice, cause everyone else is statistically an idiot, look it up if you don't agree. Remember when everyone thought the earth was flat, not me, I did the research and it is round.

    9mm is a popular option, the most popular, and for good reason. Looking at the std 115 ammo, you get about 350 ft lbs of energy per shot. Not too shabby, and quite a step up from 380, which does about 200 ft lbs. Which is basically nothing, that's why real instructors say that 380 is for children and people with recoil sensitivity (like children).

    So I decided to have a look at some other options, and settled on a Desert Eagle in 50 ae. 300 grain bullet doing 1450 ft lbs. 8 rounds in the gun, which equate to 32rds of 9mm power-wise.

    I don't know about you guys, but 32 rds of 9mm power in a much smaller package than a glock with an extended mag. Let that sink in for a minute, I'll wait

    I could have gone with 460 Smith and Wesson in an X frame revolver, 2500 ft lbs (but only 5 shots, so the same total ft lbs of energy as the 8rds of 50ae) but I really did not need the increased reliability of a revolver over an auto, and they did not offer the tiger stripe gold finish like the DE has.

    Plus the DE is an all steel gun, which is known by many (older, wiser shooters) to be superior to the more plastic intensive modern guns. A decent holster is a must, but that is true for any gun. It is only marginally heavier than a 1911 (a decent budget option to the DE, although std 45 ammo is not really any more powerful than 9mm), 65 oz on the DE, vs about 40 oz for a 1911 (less than 2 lb difference, if that bothers you, you may be a wimp). And people have carried 1911s for at least 250 yrs and 11 named wars, plus thousands of unnamed skirmishes. So steel guns are better, and since the DE is heavier it is way better.

    Have a look at the DE and the 50ae cartridge. You will not be disappointed.

    ****Important Edit****

    I know I mentioned above that 380 is a recommended round for children, but I just did some research and it appears that there are laws (who knew?) that prevent children from having guns, even guns in 380. I was shocked, and mildly appalled, but I did some thinking and decided that these laws are likely the result of the current trend away from vaccinations. So I get it, and I do know that I lack the breadth and depth of understanding that our lawmakers have. So I will choose to blindly agree with them on this. Please call your local representative, be heard!!!
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