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Thread: ammo shortages

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    ammo shortages


    I just heard that a bass pro in NY state sold $60K in ammo yesterday. They hardly had any ammo left at all...
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    Some local shops are selling out of popular rounds as well. Amazing to me! I always have plenty on hand!

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    I was looking at my normal go to websites for ammo. All the sub 10 dollar 9mm is gone!

    Good thing I didn’t need any now. But I’ve been getting a lot of calls about guys wanting help with their first gun

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    I’m not short on ammo
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    Academy & walmart got cleaned out when I went today & yesterday.

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    I doubt anyone here is short on ammo...

    But somebody wake me up when them green tips hit a buck per round, would ya?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rcm192 View Post
    That’s a good thing right?

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    I was just thinking this when i logged on.
    Well Uncle Joe gas his shotgun.
    But Cousin Kev has his Pew Pew Pew it's A 22.

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    I got my double barrel shotgun and 2 shells, I'm good

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