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    New Application turnaround

    Has anyone applied lately and if so how was the turnaround time. Id heard that they were not processing new apps at the moment? I unfortunately let my permit lapse and had to file as a new permit. I filed 3 days ago. Well see how it goes.

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    This was posted in another thread by one of our members a few days ago.

    Spoke with someone at the LSP CHP office this morning. She said the holdup is still related to the breach back in November, and apparently we’re all just piling up as *approved* but not yet technically rubber stamped. She didn’t know when someone up the food chain would hit the go button but said it’d likely be at least another few weeks.

    If you call, push 1 then 4 to get to a real human.

    I would bet it will be longer now with things being shut down.
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    When I first applied years ago it was a 3-6 month wait so I guess a month or two is better than it used to be.

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    Thanks, I had in person dropped off in early January. and I was kinda getting worried since I got 2 emails immediately then, nothing for 2 months.

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    With the coronavirus disruptions, it's anyone's guess.

    That said, I dropped my new application off last September-ish. I had my permit within a week.

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    Sent mine in Dec 19 and got email today said was approved and would be in mail in 2 or 3 weeks. So pretty close to 4 months.

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