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    I received my CHP yesterday, after a 6 month 14 day wait. It was my first time applying for it.

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    If you do everything downtown prints etc. and the question part online. It's been taking about a week. If you mail anything in it takes months.

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    Renewal (everything done online) Timeline;

    Applied 3/14/21
    App Submited 3/22/21
    App Accepted 3/29/21
    Payment Accepted 3/30/21
    App Approved 4/14/21
    Permit received 4/28/21

    Again, this is a renewal done online 100%. No prints required for a renewal.

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    Application submitted 4/13
    Application accepted 4/27 (following an email)
    Payment submitted 4/27
    Application approved 4/30

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    Quote Originally Posted by SSaltz View Post
    If you do everything downtown prints etc. and the question part online. It's been taking about a week. If you mail anything in it takes months.
    Yep. This is the way to go. I did prints in BR at the LSP HQ and submitted the app online. Had my permit in about 10 days.

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    Thought I would add my timeline to the thread also.

    Renewal - Veteran (no payment)

    Submitted Application Online - 5/5/21
    Received notification that my application was "Pending Review - 5/24/21
    Permit Approved - 5/28/21
    Received Permit in the Mail - 6/7/21

    Longer than I would have liked to have waited...but I guess a month isn't too bad.
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    I have a question. I applied back in December of 2020 and I have never heard a word since. No emails or phone calls. The postal service tried to delivery a large yellow envelope from the state police yesterday. But no one was there to accept it. I was wondering if this is the way your C.C.W. usually arrives? Or is this a sign I have been denied?

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    I'm having trouble getting a copy of my dd214. Anyone know how to get a copy faster than using the internet.

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    What's This For Again

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    Wife's first time
    App submitted online 6/8
    Fingerprints LSP HQ 6/11
    Payment Submitted 6/11
    Approved Permit 6/15 Should get it in a week or so.

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    After waiting 6 months? I get a letter saying my fingerprint cards are not acceptable and they need to be redone. Off to Baton Rogue I go.

    So, I made my trip to Baton Rouge. In at 7:30 am and out in about 45 minutes. In just under a week later I received my CCW in the mail today without a notification by e mail. took just over 6 months start to finish.

    My advise to anyone starting the process is to go to Baton Rouge and do the whole process in person. Do what you can online and then go and do your fingerprinting in person. It will save you months of wait time.
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