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    FOR BCM/DD RECCE 14.5" or 16" MCMR or KMAR

    Looking to trade for a bcm recce 14 or 16 or DDM4 with 14.5 or 16" keymod or mlok version.. would also consider just BCM/dd upper or just BCM/dd lower. I have quite a few trade options plus or minus cash...pic below of what im looking for


    just a few trade options

    2-10.5" complete PSA CHF 556 pistols w/sba3's
    1-16" mk12 style new FDE PSA rifle
    1-14.5" pin/welded brand new complete AERO atlas-s
    1-16" DPMS G-2 .308 recon w/MI rail,scope, mags ect
    1-16" MEGA arms 6.8spc w/bison barrel pleanty mags and ammo
    1- DAN WESSON CCO 1911 45acp, milt sparks holster, 3-extra grips
    1-10.5" complete psa CHF upper
    AR accessories and ammo
    AK accessories and ammo

    ect ect lmk what you got and what you looking for thanks

    text 225910146eight

    some trade options
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