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    They're always better the next day!

    I'm talking about some good 'ol Red Beans. Of course they're always a Monday staple meal here in Louisiana and I do eat them any day of the week but I decided to cook these on Sunday for yesterday. Most of the time I leave them to soak overnight before cooking 'em but this was a last minute decision so I put them to soak in pretty warm water for about an hour or two before they went into the pot.

    Onions and celery cooking down and garlic added toward the end.

    Red beans added and time to cook/simmer for a while.

    Beans are done!!!
    Got two pounds of beans with 3.5 lbs of smoked sausage.

    last night we ate the red beans. I intended to make homemade rolls but tossed some biscuits in the oven instead.

    I sent some to my daughter's house for them tonight and froze the rest.

    "Good food is like good lovin'!"

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    Do you know why red beans are customary on Monday?

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    Sooooo Cheesy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry J View Post
    Do you know why red beans are customary on Monday?
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    We had our second day Monday---red beans/venison sausage/corn bread---hard to beat!

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