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Thread: RONI For Glock

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    RONI For Glock

    I wanna buy a roni for my glock 19 does anyone have any pros or cons regarding these pieces. I don't want one that requires an nfa stamp. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    I own one for a g19, I like it overall, and makes a good pistol able to shoot further out easier.

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    I have the roni and the fab defense kpos. I prefer the kpos over the roni but I am not sure if they off the stabilizer brace for the kpos. There are a few aftermarket options to add a brace to the kpos, farrowtech might make something.

    The latest roni with the non detachable charging handle and the front mag carrier with proper mag latch is the best of the roni offerings. I have a gen 2, i think, for small frame, and I have a gen 3 for large frame glock. The slide release on the gen 2 does not bother me, but it does cause some people issues. The gen 3 large frame roni has a cutout in that area and I put a extended glock slide release on the 21 so that I could get on the release easier. The roni is bulky compared to the kpos. The kpos is slightly better made than the roni, but not much. These chassis sell for way less than msrp, keep an eye out for sales.

    Recover tactical is getting ready to release a chassis that looks even better, more minimal. Can't remember if I pre-ordered one or not.
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    Good Scoop for sure Thank You.

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