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Thread: MacBook Air

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    MacBook Air

    Selling for a friend that is computer illiterate so he never used it. $400.00.
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    any other details? screen and hard drive size? thanks.

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    Is there a label on the box like the one below with a model number listed? The model number will likely start with an A followed by 4 numbers. This should let people look up most of the details of the laptop.

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    ​"If you come to a fork in the road, take it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwhaley929 View Post
    That's a good deal for brand new. It looks like these go for near $1000 online still.
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    If your deal falls through, I'll take it.

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    You can plug in the serial go apples website to find out the date of manufacturer and also if there’s a warranty

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