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    Loads for S&W 40 S&W 3rd Gen

    I bought an S&W 410S that was never fired {so 100% Mint} DA/SA American Pride Line {The Bargain Line uses a few plastic parts and has simpler machining.
    Reply With Quote} 10 round capacity 4" barrel with Aloy Frame
    It is my only "40" But when I acquired it the price was right and it was so clean. So I upgraded the plastic parts with metal ones.
    But has sat in the Safe.
    I loaded up some 180 FP Plated.
    Then this week cast some RCBS 180 FP Grain with a single lube groove, And some Lyman 401043 175 grain {that is what a lot of guys use for 38-40} Got in a trade years ago and forgot I even had them till a few weeks ago cleaning up. Also found about 400 pounds of ingots I did not know was there
    So I cast about 600 of each. A few years back an internet friend was moving so he sent me 4000 once fired from a Police Range to go with the molds.
    And cast some {750-800} 130 grain 9mm HP
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    But... Is that 410S for sale or trade?! Haha! You know Iím a sucker for those 3rd Gens. Have two 410 blued models, but no S...
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    Quote Originally Posted by StephenWhoDat View Post
    But... Is that 410S for sale or trade?! Haha! You know Iím a sucker for those 3rd Gens. Have two 410 blued models, but no S...
    I bought My wife a 6906 In Box.
    She said Ahh it's ok?
    So I bought the 410S I told my wife the was for her! And took the 6906 off her hands.
    She took the 410S and never used it. So I was a nice guy
    I got it back from her when I found a Never Issued 3913 in box CA Dept. Corrections pistol.
    I got that back when I got her something else "A J-Frame Airweight" ....... See I am a nice guy who buys his wife guns and jewelry. I but I think she is on to me. If I tried to sell one she would surely state Hey that's my gun ya can't sell it! And If I did she would surely get the CASH
    Last time she saw me looking at nice 3rd Gens she said She likes the J-Frame

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    I have a friend who has a S&W 411, I loaded him some Hornady XTP's for using either Acc. #5 or Sillouhette. He held onto them for about a year then shot them all with his son before the son went off to Army bootcamp about 2 months ago. He said they did good accuracy wise and felt good to shoot. I loaded them a little above mid range for the powder and bullet weight from the Hornady 9th. That's the extent of my .40 S&W loading, hope it helps some.

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