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    Quarantine project thread

    Some of us are still working, some of us arenít, but weíre all likely spending more time at home. I see a few posts already that would fit in this thread. What have you been doing with the extra time at home? Honey doís, projects, builds. Post them up.

    I spent the day going through my steel pile and breaking down a few bed frames to better fit in the rack. Iím sure all the hobby welders have found this lightweight angle with the great finish. I seem to find them discarded all over the place so I just throw them in the truck and when I get a pile I take the 4 1/2 inch side grinder to the rivets and break them down into weldable lengths of angle.

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    I just brought a load of metal and aluminum to the scrap metal dump. Made 20 bucks. Working 7 on 7 off for now. Clearing the woods behind the house also.

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    Tinkered with and assembled some AR’s.
    Bought more tools.
    Did some gardening.
    Been cooking more.
    Also been doing a lot of reading.

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    A bunch of projects around the house that I have been putting off. Changed tires on the zero turn, painted the front porch, trimmed the hedges.

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    Training Ferrous Metal

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    Plan to put together some AK's. I have all the parts for the AKs, I am just waiting on some COVID delayed tools I need to arrive or become available again. I also need to find a nice barrel shaped container, a long plastic mudpan would be perfect, but they don't make them long enough. A window box might work if I could find one without holes. I might just make a container out of a capped piece of PVC pipe. I am trying out Black Oxide for the first time, suppose to be the correct finish for the kits I have.

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    If anyone runs out of projects let me know! I'm still working full time and have lots of things to do around the yard!
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    Quote Originally Posted by LACamper View Post
    If anyone runs out of projects let me know! I'm still working full time and have lots of things to do around the yard!
    Haha! I was just thinking the same thing. These guys are making me look lazy!
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    I stripped off all of the popcorn texture from my living room ceiling, reflated the sheet rock and sprayed an orange peel texture on it to match the walls. Then my daughter and I painted the walls and ceiling. I have two bedroom ceilings left to do, then the house project will be complete. Anyone want to help? Now I am building a closet organizer/wall cabinet with shelving for my expecting niece's baby nursery. This weekend it onto the camp to work on hanging new plywood ceiling and trim in the 10 x 60 storage room.

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    Lots of projects going on here. The time off of work has been productive for me.
    Just picked up 13 cattle panels,a bunch of post and borrowed an auger for a fence.
    The fence ties in with the powered decorative gate going up next.
    Replaced the deck metal on a rotary cutter and fixed the lift pin holes. PITA
    Finally got around to making a faucet for my work sink.
    Repaired the weather vane that came from my deceased mothers place,
    Trailered my brothers BMW K1200GT from Lafayette to repair the leaking rear seal.
    Replaced the rear main seal on my neighbors Rubicon.
    Building a metal mail box post with a decorative sun and moon twist. Used a ring gear and square nails.
    Finally got to shoot my Single Six.
    Finished a ton of honey do's.
    We grow some produce and have a couple of acres of yards so lots of attention there.
    I'm ready to go back to work.

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    Started a garden....Now maybe a taller fence to keep the 4 legged critters out.

    Play with trap in the woods,Going to give the piggies a good flogging...

    Have 50 gallons of diesel to treat....

    Drink beer....

    Know I'm forgetting something,Might need more beer?
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