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    Quote Originally Posted by gwpercle View Post
    The Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading 8th Edition has a section titled
    223 Remington Service Rifle Data , it is geared strictly for AR-15 rifles .
    The powders , primers and bullets in this section were all developed and tested in AR-15 service rifles ...might be something to check out .
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magdump View Post
    That is what I used with LC brass and heavy bullets but theu8as mentioned have to be loaded single as will not fit in a magazine

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    Don't sweat the small stuff, just use .223 data. Been doing that 50 years now.

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    Hornady10 has 5.56

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    Check the twist on your barrel before thinking about reloading that bullet weight. You need a tight (1:7) twist to stabilize that bullet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highstandard40 View Post
    I don't have any published data for Sierra bullets but the eight edition Hornady loading manual has 223 data and also a section on 223 "service rifle" data for 75 and 80 grain bullets. The seventh edition Nosler loading manual has 5.56 Nato data and lists loads for 77/80 grain bullets.
    The Sierra website usually has load data for their bullets.
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    Accurate Powder has a section in their V7.0 manual specifically for 5.56 loaded to 62,350psi vs .223 loaded to 55,000psi SAAMI specs.

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