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    Glock 43 Battle Worn Flag Package With Extras $600 OBO

    Glock G43 Distressed Flag

    This discontinued model has all the extras you need.
    Price drop also Promag 10 rounder & 2 ETS 7 rounder mags no longer available, sold separately now $600

    I plan to pull this if I Still have it on Wednesday.

    So if interested PM me an offer or interest.

    This was/is a $900 value, *out the door*
    leaning a bit on keeping this, as I donít plan to give it away.
    Thanks for looking.

    • Ameriglo Cap Night Sights - $75
    • Leather pocket/purse holster. (Got this for my wife, she decided not to carry) - $30
    • Kydex Clinger holster - $40
    • 1 Hogue grip sleeve, the blue one on the pistol. - $15
    • Double mag holder - $20
    • Original box with paperwork & accessories - Pistol $560
    • Original Glock base plates
    • 7 magazines total - $50 2 oem additional mags
    • 4 original Glock 2 with Pearce +1, 2 with Vickers +2 - $50 2 Pearce +1 $20, 2 Vickers +2 $30
    • 2 ETS 7 round mags - $40 ($20 each)
    • 1 ProMag 10 round mag - $20
    • We the people single mag carrier if available - $25

    All total is $925
    I will probably break this up and keep the pistol if I donít move this by the weekend.
    starting to carry this, and really like the *carry*

    I may break this up, all the way down to how I bought it, gun and 2 oem mags only. Price would be $550

    This is a complete set with all you need except the ammo of course. Very few rounds through this gun, but carried in a purse, leather holster, and also I carried for a while, Kydex holster

    This has the Davidsonís lifetime warranty.

    Located in Gretna, (New Orleans area) FTF only with a bill of sale.

    Price is $600 OBO for the entire package.

    Possibly trade for another Glock or a Hellcat.

    ​Thanks for Visiting!
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    Would you be interested in any trades?

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    Possibly what do you have?

    also open to offers.

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    Golden Kahr CT380. I’ll throw in a pocket holster and 500 rounds of 380 ammo.

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    Hey Nola,

    ‘’sorry for the delay, was thinking it over, as I love the Kahrs, I carry a CM9.

    After carrying this for a bit, I am really thinking I want the 43x, have it ordered, so really need the cash for that.

    tempting offer though. A kahr or bersa 380 is on my wishlist tho.

    the 43x is due in this week so.......


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    It’s a CT380 so it’s like the 43x to the 43 lol. Could have a matching 380 to your 43x lol.

    but No problem! Message me if you change your mind.

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    Added offers accepted.

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    Price drop

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