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    Walther Q5 Match, CZ P-09 OD Green. IMI DEFENSE KIDON CZ, GLOCK, WALTHER

    OK I've got 3 great pieces of kit for sale here

    1. Walther q5 match polymer model. The grip has been stippled to make up for the slippery factory texture. I'm including all the original accessories including the 3 optic plates which don't come with these pistols any more. These are also the og billet steel ones, heavier than the newer plates but more solid and rigid. As far as I know they are not made any more. 3 15 round mags ( 2 pictured, I'll include another with an aluminum blue baseplate) The gun also has a brand new recoil spring installed. Also includes a safariland gls 578 and 3 safariland mag pouches painted gray

    $ 750 for whole package. I'm willing to sell for less if someone wants to buy without the optic plates. A lot of guys on the Walther forum need these plates and are having trouble getting them so I can recoup $ there if need be
    *I will sell for $600 with no optic plates and 2 mags*

    2. Cz P09 od green. This is the model with the factory night sights, super cool od green frame. Comes with 2 21 round mag (came with 2/19 round mags originally). Has cgw spring kit installed (this is NOT the full pro kit) it has the short reset spring and a lower da pull than factory. Feels about the same as my full cajun da pull. I'm also including the kt mech holster pictured. This holster was designed to fit with an optic and threaded barrel and comp if you decide to trick the pistol out. Also including the safariland mag pouch pictured. Paid over $120 for the holster, super nice and has adjustable retention as well as a felt lining

    $525 for p09 with holster/pouch

    3. IMI Defense Kidon. This is a pcc conversion that turns a pistol into sort of a sub gun. Like the roni except it doesn't suck and doesn't mess up your slide. The kidon comes with the tube pictured which is a standard ar tube that will accept sba3 and sba4 braces. You can also attach a pistol tube if you want to go that route or the plug pictured can cover the rear whole. I have the adaptor plates for cz, glock and ppq included as well. The adapter plate included is for cz guns with a beaver tail and a rail NOT P10. imi did just release an adapter for the p10 line so that option is available. DOES NOT INCLUDE SBA3 OR RED DOT

    $350 for kidon

    If anyone buys the kidon with one of the pistols I'll take 50 bucks off the cz or the walther

    Only things I'm looking for as far as trade

    9mm brass ammo
    Trijicon sro/rmr
    Holosun gen 2 optics 507/407 v2 or 508 v2

    Really not interested in receiving other firearms for trade. If you have any questions pm me or text me at 215847348one. Located in nola area

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    Bump, turned the p09 right side up and took my foot out of the picture

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    Weekend bump and drop I'll still take $$$ off if you buy the kidon with a pistol

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