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    New member .308 vs 6.5 creedmore advice

    I been a avid pistol shooter and ar15 shooter. I am looking to get a ar-10 variant just not sure about the 6.5 creedmore round. The purpose of the gun would be target shooting at a max distance of around 500 to 600 yards. I am not shooting matches and just shooting for sport. My 2 guesting are price and availability of ammo. I realize right now ammo is a little short all across the board right now. But if it gets back normal would it be hard to get 6.5 creedmore as a pose to .308. Thank you all for your time. I am also a new member on this fourm and hoping to get quality advice from anyone. Thank you all in advance. And God bless.

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    I like what my 6.5’s do at 600 yards. The ammo is available but still a little higher than .308 across the board til you get to the better loads. I’ve shot 5 different commercial loads from my 2 AR based rifles and they’re both pretty accurate with everything. Both are heavy 20 inch barrels tho. 4-16x50 on one and 4-24x50 on the other.
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    A timely article I just ran across.

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    Is it worth adding another caliper to the list to buy?

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    Do you want to learn to shoot or do you just want to go plink for fun?

    You can't go wrong either way. At that range the 6.5 will be very forgiving of missed wind calls, however, .308 not so much. But shooting .308 will make you a better long-range shooter overall because at that range if you don't make a good wind call it will show. My sone (14) trains with a .308 and we train on a 6" target at 500 yards. Shooting Federal 175 smks the caliber is more than capable but definitely challenging.

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    I definitely need the practice for sure lol! My gut is to go .308.

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    I have both calibers, I'm a die-hard 308 guy. 6.5 once dialed in shoots OK, and I have two exact guns, same custom barrels, scopes, every thing. They are Ruger RPR platforms, 6.5 shoots 3/8"-1/2 groups @ 200 yrds, 308 shoots like 1/2"-3/4" groups @ 200 yrds. But my best rifle happens to be a 308 and shoot 1/4-1/2" groups @ 200 yards. Guess I'm still leaning 308??
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