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    Looking for a gun I sold Winchester Wildxat 22

    hey guys, I picked up a Winchester wildcat 22 lr varmint, it was a tula 22 lr bolt action clone with removable mags and a bull type barrel. I sold it to a fella who was a flipper and relisted it literally the next week, even used my same pics to list it again. Tried asking him and got the usual response"that was years ago and i flip way too many guns to remember".. but hey, it was my bad for not hanging onto it. Really trying hard to find her again as I miss this gun so much and have really gotten back into 22s lately as my health does not really allow for a whole lot of higher caliber shooting for now. Any info would be nice, it was about 6 years back and when I sold had a nikon monarch 22 caliber specific scope as well as a Harris bipod. Thanks guys. Pm me here, would possibly discuss a finders fee if person is willing to sell.
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    I don't know if you will able able to find that specific rifle, but you can look for similar on, 24 Hour Campfire forum, or gunbroker, etc.

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    Don’t troll me bro!

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    Aw dang, that’s sad to hear. Sounds like Mr. Flipper (by his own admission) should have a FFL.
    I’d keep bumping this thread and maybe it will turn up.
    Good luck!
    Doesn’t play well with TROLLS...

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    About 8 years back. Pics of it in the thread.

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    That's a very nice rifle, I would love to have one like it also if anyone has 2 laying around....
    This is my new baby toy pew pew
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    Hey magpie!! Man you were the one who sold me the winchester you sly devil... i literally cried when I let her go but I was young and dumb. Never should have sold her. Whats this new beauty a cz?

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    I have a real nice cz 452 22 lr you might like 20*by barrel if interested you can text me for pictures 3378846870

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