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    Kayak - Northshore


    Anyone know of a good location to get out and rent a couple kayaks near the Mandeville area to get out on the lake ? If anyone lives near and owns, Id be willing to pick up, pay you a fair fee, and provide copy of license, etc. to create that sense of trust.


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    Bayou adventures in lacombe rents at cane bayou boat launch you can reserve and pay one line I think . It’s about a 40 min paddle to the lake and hardly any motor boat traffic. I like to paddle to the lake and go left find a sand bar and just sit and chill in the water . It’s one of the best spots around

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    I really appreciate that! Sitting in the sandbar with a cold one or three sounds quite nice! Nice date to bring with as well. Ideal Sunday.

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    Were there any gators on your trip?

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    IIRC Massey's rents kayaks.
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    The park in the center of Covington on the Bogue Falaya rents kayaks. Doing a hell of a business lately too.

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    Bayou Adventure and Masseys both rent kayaks.
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    Massey's does, seal sports used to and probably still does at a reasonable price, but it's been a long time since I've been there.

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    Bayou Adventures.
    Shannon and her husband are awesome. You will usually see at least one gator along Bayou Cane.

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