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    WTS or WTT Reloading Powders and Primers

    I have a bunch of reloading powders for sale or trade. Located in Abbeville. I just grabbed close prices off of Powder Valley.

    H335 2 lbs $25 each
    h110 2 lbs $25 each
    Longshot 1 Lb 20 each
    Trail Boss 2 cans 20 each
    Tite Group 1 lb 20 each

    IMR 3031 1lb $25
    IMR 4350 2lbs #25 each

    Blue Dot 1lb 20 each
    Unique 8lb $160
    As Hercules..
    Bullseye 2lb 22 each
    unique 2lb 22 each

    Large Pistol 3k $35 each
    Small Pistol 1k @30 each

    I also have projectiles and brass but havent photographed them yet.


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    Bump. I'm flexible on prices btw.

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    Madame Mayor's Fiefdom

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    Just so far to drive. Three hours round trip from NOLA.
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    Pm sent

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    I hear that

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