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    Engraving in Lafayette and questions

    Getting my first two SBRs done waiting on stamps now.

    Who does engraving in the Lafayette area?

    Do I need to bring the whole firearms to them or just part that needs engraving, for instance just the lower.

    Does it matter where I get the engraving done on the lower (or serialized part)?

    Where would you put it on a B&T ACP45Pro and a MCX?


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    I used Acadiana gun works in Scott.

    I believe they use an engraving machine so nothing fancy you may want to find someone who uses a laser engraver if you want fancier or out of the way place.

    You just bring them the serialized part ( usually just the lower) and they engrave it where they can. I think they really only did the magwell but you can call and check with them. You may also want to take the stock off I called and they said I didn't need to and when I went to pick it up they had charged me for stock removal and install.

    Not sure about where to put it on your specific guns. I was not too picky as they are tools and I use them as such so they don't need to pretty just have to conform to the ATF regs.

    Also congrats on the SBRs. I still need to put together my last lower so I can stick a 8.5in 300BO uppper on it. Love the shorty 5.56 and AR9 with cans right now they are my current favorites.

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    Louisiana Gun Shop off Hwy. 90 has a laser engraver. Not sure on the specifics but I would recommend calling them for details.
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