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    Some Low Life Just Stole My Garbage Can

    We just got new cans 3 weeks ago. And they are Chipped and the #'s are also registered to the home.
    As it is someone after the last pick up tossed some really bad stuff in it.
    So after the drive-by the dumping of what smells like a dead body.
    My crazy wife dumped it out in a large black bag. Then soaked it with soap and bleach and pressure washed it.
    I placed it back next to his little brother the Recycle Bin and now someone stole it.
    So I am posting an All-Points Bulletin. A reward will be given to the return of said can.
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    Hope someone sees it. I hate thieves. Hope someone pours sugar in the gas tank.

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    Donít troll me bro!

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    Hopefully they aren’t trying to steal your identity or anything of that sort. I’d be worried more about what I had in the can. Hope they fall and break their ankle on the next one.
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    Dont pay you're bills,Repo man repossessed the can Bruh
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    They might be looking for recipes or getting samples to analyze your good cooking. Hope u find it.
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    I thought I seen it before, nicest can in the country!!!

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    Before they started providing me a can, I would buy the cheapest I could find. Someone was always running over mine. I was going to pick mine up one morning, saw one in the road. Someone came along and didn't try to go around it, drug it under his SUV for 100 feet.
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    I thunk you should be on the look out for a dark haired Chalmattion riding in a black truck ST IV. If you need a can, there are a few hundred across form da brake tag station on Williams. Sidney had a commercial that said if you need a can to call them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dboymboy View Post
    Hope someone sees it. I hate thieves. Hope someone pours sugar in the gas tank.

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    Dont work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hillbillyjim View Post
    Dont work
    Haven't tried it. I just hear people do it. suppose to clog the injectors.

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