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    Anybody use a ryker grip? Pros cons?

    I’m thinking about getting one.they seem a little pricey but the concept seem solid.
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    Sooooo Cheesy!

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    Looks like a high-tech wallet lightening device to me.
    Youd have to relearn how to shoot your rifle since the ergos would change dramatically.
    Not certain its worth it.

    Maybe someone on here has one you could try out...
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    Not Banned!!!

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    I can see the benefits.

    I do not use a straight arm, forward c clamp hold as my wrist and shoulder on my left do not have enough range of motion to make that hold " feel right".

    I usually hold the mag well, I shoot isosceles with both elbows low and tight to my sides. If I extend my left arm to run the arm out method, I end up going toward a weaver stance, more bladed than square.

    I might give that ryker grip a try, especially on a pump shotgun.
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    They are a gimmick.

    You will be fighting the weight of the rifle and it is useless when transitioning to your support side.

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