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    M&P 40c with a full size mag may fit your needs.

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    Make your own luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocko68 View Post
    M&P 40c with a full size mag may fit your needs.
    It also comes in the 9c...if you go that route, just make sure you get the 2.0 variant.
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    I have a smith 686 plus (7 shot) 357 mag with 2 1/2 inch bbl may fit your needs. pm if interested
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    My EDC is a .45 MP Shield 2.0. It's super compact, holds 8 rounds, fits my hand well. I'm not as tall as you, but I have thick gorilla hands, and I almost always get full size hand guns as a result. This is one of the only compacts I feel comfortable with and enjoy shooting.

    That's my recommendation and you can stick to the caliber you prefer.

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