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    Pietta 1873 44 cal. Black powder Revolver

    I bought this one back in October, used, but un fired. Itís still unfired.
    Iíve decided to sell it, not because I need the money, but would rather put the money into something else. It can be yours for $300.C29C3F50-24A2-4204-8C0D-B425163BCC14.jpg2120077C-BB3E-4915-9838-9639CD2E1DE4.jpgD00D1C8A-639C-4FF6-AF95-4128FCE80A55.jpgDC506490-966F-4B24-A9E2-545A1E6214E7.jpg
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    140 views and no takers?
    I’m open to to offers?

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