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    Steel Challenge Match this Sunday 6-14

    This Sunday (6-14) Louisiana Speed Shooters (LSS) will be hosting there monthly Steel Challenge Match at the Palo Alto Shooting Range in Donaldsonville.
    1393 Highway 943 North
    Donaldsonville, La. 70346

    We will be running 7 stages. .
    You can sign up on Practiscore, Just search LSS.

    This match is great for new shooters and old alike. Come out and have a good time. Sign in will be 8am the Sunday morning and close 845 am.
    We will have 7 stages. We are going to have a min round count of 175. I highly recommend bring 250 if you plan on missing a lot. LOL

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    It's not too wet out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdavid1 View Post
    It's not too wet out there?
    More than likely we will not be able to park in the back, will have to park in the front. 3 good days of sunny and low humidity days and will be good for shooting
    not for parking in the back.
    Will try to remember to post something up on Saturday when we go set up.

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    Match is a go for tomorrow morning.
    We will not be able to park in the back, will have to park up front.
    Also if you are able to make it, please don’t block the 50yd Pistol bay.

    Thanks. Hope to see y’all out there.

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    Bryan B. Thanks for putting this out there. The range is dry. If no one drove 3/4 ton diesels trucks we could probably get away with parking in the back bur we don’t want to rut up the ground. If we let one, ya gotta let them all go and it’s not worth the problems.

    Bryan G

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