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I understand that y'all are volunteers, and we are thankful for the time y'all donate to us shooters. Is there a way we can donate to the cause?
Thanks for the offer. We do accept donations and all of that money goes into the upgrades we do at the range (solar power for P.A. system, cover over shotgun line, extension of rifle line from 15 to 17 lanes, widened the entire pistol line by 10 feet to add more room behind firing line, sidewalk from desk to pistol line, and handicapped parking on the range are several examples of things we've done over the last 6 years since I've been with the organization).

So yes, we accept donations and we put them to good use for you, the shooters, as you can see. Next time you're at the range, there's an orange painted ammo can on the check in desk. Feel free to add whatever donations you'd like to add in that.

For larger donations, if you'd like to send them via mail to our Rangemaster at the address here: https://www.honeyisland.org/range-donations.htm

Thank you for your support. We're extremely appreciative.