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View Poll Results: Do you shoot your airgun more than your powder burners?

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  • Yes, I shot my airgun all the time!!

    6 66.67%
  • No, it's just a novelty to me.

    3 33.33%
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    Do you shoot your airgun more than your powder burners?

    If so, what is your airgun of choice?

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    Donít troll me bro!

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    I had RWS/Diana rifles for years and only have the 54 mag now. I switched to all .22 cal about 10 years ago except for the oldies I no longer shoot.
    Liking my Nitro piston high dollar Benjamin but the RWS is still top dog at my house, especially for tree rats. Crow magnums FTW!
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    ive a cheapo co2 crossman pistol i practice trigger control and sight picture often

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    Airforce condor .25

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    Bug-A-Salt is what I roll with everyday on the dog ''Droppings''

    I've advanced enough that I hip shoot the fly's with at least a 75% kill ratio !
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    I am currently without an air rifle range @ home. I did have one & used it. I will replace it first chance I get. One aspect is you can rack up a lot of very short sessions. One of my usual modes was to shoot a 5 or 10 shot string several times a day. I suggest a trap that is movable. Mine was about 2' x 2' so kids/newbs had plenty of backstop or up to 4 people could shoot on it at once. Having a guest over to shoot was fun too.

    6000 shots in 6 months in 1 position at minimal expense. No range fees or travel and very little time needed. In addition to very short sessions I would sometimes put in longer sessions. No big deal to shoot over 1K in pellets a month. So $10 depending on the pellet. The is doable with CF but not at the same price or convenience.

    Sheridan 5mm Silver Streak was primary air rifle. I then got Refurbished Daisy 853's. Great gun for the money. I leave 1 scoped and 1 with irons.

    At some point in the future I want to make the step up to the next level in the air rifle world AND add a pistol to the mix. PCP does interest me, but it is decent jump in gear.
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    I shoot the AG’s much more. They’re cheaper to feed and I can shoot them in the shed.

    Shooting springers using the *artillery hold* has made me a much better shot overall too.
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