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    lucky they didnt give it the ole salt water dip.

    sounds like somebody sprayed it down with wd40.

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    Ive never paid to have a gun cleaned but this seems like an appropriate time.. Any recomendations on someone in the BR area?

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    [QUOTE=Sig220;1717620]Is that your Glock that was under the TLC of NOPD, Gooser?[/

    Yeah they arenít gonna oil it or wipe it down, kinda messes up the evidentiary value.

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    If they're still around, Bowie Outfitters on Perkins Road worked miracles on a friend of mine's Katrina damaged guns.

    But an XD is simple to breakdown. You can try spraying the heck out of it with Gunscrubber. Use short bursts. Be patient. Maybe use a small brush here and there; then clean and oil lightly like usual.

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    I've cleaned an xd-s, not mine, that got so fuzzy it wouldn't cycle without serious effort. Carb cleaner, then rinsed with water, dried the slide in the toaster oven on warm, wiped the whole thing down with Lucas oil red for a thin coat, and oiled according to the manual.

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