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    Pain is temporary

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    Lewis and Nick at Phobos.

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    My last class was with Bill Hickman and he was great to deal with (we actually did a 2 person private class).

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    Quote Originally Posted by noob View Post
    At Jefferson gun. You show up on a Saturday, thereís instruction and live fire, then they do prints and notary right there. Albeit itís been a while since Iíve done the course there, thatís how it was the last time I did it. For my most recent renewal I have a private instructor
    I was pleased with Jeff. Gun. I will say that I did the original appl. with them and the renewal too. No problems with the process and received permit in timely fashion.

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    Shield Concealed Carry and Tactics, LLC
    April 9 ∑

    North Shore Hammond and Slidell

    We hope everyone is staying in, safe, and well. Here is some info about our Lead Instructor, John Huber, with Shield Concealed Carry and Tactics, LLC.

    John Huber, 29 years federal law enforcement experience, investigating narcotics, white collar crime, public corruption, kidnapping, bank robbery, terrorism, health care fraud, sex trafficking, and espionage, during that time John has been a firearms instructor as a collateral duty for his agency. For the last 15 years, John serves as the Principal Firearms Instructor, a full-time training position. John has been a SWAT Team member for 28 years and has been the SWAT Commander for the last 14 years. John is also the lead Tactical instructor, Vehicle CQB instructor, and is the lead Active Shooter instructor for his agency.

    As the fulltime firearms instructor/SWAT commander, John provides training to federal, state, and local law enforcement officers throughout the US and internationally.

    John has also completed 3 deployments to Afghanistan embedded with Army Special Forces and Army Rangers with his agency.

    John is a competitive shooter that continually receives training multiple times per year in firearms and tactics always seeking to improve, learn, and ensuring that his knowledge is current
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    Phobos Solutions.

    Our professional Law Enforcement/ Military trained and experienced instructors provide a variety of services including Personal Security Solutions, Firearms Training, Louisiana Concealed Handgun Permits Certification (LA CHP) commonly referred to as CCW, Executive Protection Services and much more. Based and incorporated out of the Greater New Orleans area, Phobos Solutions can provide services across the continental United States. Mobile training is available upon request.

    Lewis Frost
    During his 19-year law enforcement career, Lewis Frost has acquired a wide array of specialized armed service and tactical training. His career has spanned several disciplines within law enforcement to include Patrol, Training Officer, Detective, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Operator and Sniper. In his 17 years as a member of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) unit, Lewis has served as an entry team operator the Sniper Team Leader and Entry Team Leader.

    In addition to extensive specialized training, Lewis has secured multiple firearms instructor certifications with established expertise in Close Quarters Battle, Sniper Deployment and SWAT tactics. Lewis has been sought out by numerous regional, state and federal law enforcement agencies the United States.

    Lewis is an Independent Contractor and (United States) Department of State recognized Trainer for a large private corporation specializing in the deployment of security professionals to foreign countries. Lewis also has been requested to teach foreign nationals in numerous disciplines to include weapons and shooting. Lewis is also a Personal Security Specialist and has served as Agent-in-Charge on numerous V.I.P. protection assignments for high profile clients.


    Nicholas Cottone
    Nick began his law enforcement career in 1998 with a large Metropolitan Sheriff's Office. His law enforcement career has spanned a wide variety of aspects of law enforcement: including Patrol, Training Officer, Undercover Narcotics Agent, K-9 Handler, and currently a Detective.

    Nickís experience in the Personal Violence Unit has given him the unique knowledge and expertise to specialize in the practical application of Personal Protection Strategies and Personal Preparations. He is widely sought out for his knowledge and experience in the various fields of personal security.

    Nick has also worked as a Personal Security Specialist for the protection of VIPs throughout the Greater New Orleans area. Nick is a highly experienced competitive shooter.

    He instructs personnel in Defensive Tactics, firearms (multiple platforms), and Personal Preparation for Violent and Traumatic Encounters. Nick is also a certified armorer for multiple different firearms.

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    its all the same material, and a drunken monkey can parrot it.
    so your selection should go to cost and facilities.
    i retook it last year and one of the instructors that i looked at did his classes outdoors, in a field behind his house. one offered lunch and taught out of his garage.
    i went with frc because the great facilities and actual classrooms and range on site.

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    No sir, I ain't.

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    While the material is the same to get your CCW, not everyone teaches it the same and many add a little extra. I've been doing my last couple of renewals with different groups just to get the different perspectives.
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    There are some classes that add to the shooting portion.

    The qual is ridiculously easy and no one should expect much of it.

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    Someone was asking me yesterday who teaches a CHP course that does everything including prints and notary work at the class. Anyone know?
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    Quote Originally Posted by N4sir View Post
    Someone was asking me yesterday who teaches a CHP course that does everything including prints and notary work at the class. Anyone know?
    Jason DiMarco does 952-1999
    I am sure Gretna Gun does.
    I wouldn't doubt Phobos does as well.

    I am friend and proponent of those guys. Even if you don't go to Phobos for a CCW, they do offer other classes.

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