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Thread: Glock 44 ???

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    Glock 44 ???

    Any real world reviews yet?

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    Plenty on the Glock Forums.

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    It had issues. I just spoke with someone at the range last weekend that had one. He said it was very ammunition dependent, but when using quality ammunition he never had any issues.

    I like Glocks, but I'd rather a Ruger MkIV.

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    My first thought was it would be great for training. I looked at one today. Because most of the slide is polymer, it's a really light gun. Even though it would change the balance of the gun a bit, there should be a lead insert in the space under the backstrap to give it some extra weight.

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    Have one. Only have about 200rds through it, but runs good so far with bulk ammo. Bought it so my younger ones can learn to shoot on that (G19) platform/size. Fits well in G19 holsters

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    I have not shot one yet.

    I did handle one at the last gun show.

    I have watched a bunch of vids on the 44.

    Seems like there are issues with it. Tim at Military Arms Channel had quite a few issues.

    So I am waiting to see if there is any improvement with later builds of this model, maybe some changes will be made?

    And I doubt I will buy one unless glock makes a higher capacity magazine for it.

    I also handled the Taurus TX22 while at the gun show. I was impressed with the feel and apparent build quality. I am not a Taurus fan, but do find that their indigenous designs are better than the clones that they do. Plus it has a 16rd mag and costs a lot less than the glock. And they seem to work well with all ammo, judging by the review vids that I have seen.

    The cost of the g44 needs to come down, IMO.
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    I have one. I think I'm up to about 3,000 rounds through it now.

    The thing runs perfectly. With standard velocity ammo I get the very occasional FTE; with high velocity, it works every time.

    I picked up a threaded barrel for it and am looking forward to putting a can on it.

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    I have a G44 and a Taurus TX22. I prefer the G44.
    I did a review o both of them over at The High Road Forum.

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