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    What AR15 M4 does your wife shoot my wife need a lighter one

    Does anyone know a good manufacturer who makes a light AR-15 5lbs and under?My wife is small frame and the 6920 is too heavy. Thank you

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    How much do you want to spend?
    Are you okay with an AR Pistol or SBR?
    Are you okay with a pinned 14.5" carbine?
    Are you wanting the rifle to be 5 lbs loaded or unloaded?
    Does the weight include an optic?
    Are you planning to add accessories, such as a WML, to the handguard?
    Is this just for plinking or serious use?

    If you own a 6920, I can assume you want to purchase something of quality. Knowing what your budget is will greatly determine what is recommended.

    Generally, for a lightweight gun that doesn't deviate from the standard design, you will want to look into a 14.5 pinned barrel of a lightweight profile and a lightweight handguard. Those will be your biggest weight savings.

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    This could be an interesting thread to watch. Danielís Defense used to be Beloved for their lightweight options but recent threads have lead me to believe quality doesnít matchup to hype. I may have misunderstood some stuff.

    Maybe swap to a carbon barrel on a relatively light gun. Iím not sure your budget but leaving some weight in the rear and lightening up the front would make it easier to mount. But carbon is pretty expensive.

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    JP makes a ultralight rifle that comes in at 6lbs, if you take the heat sink off youíll be real close to the 5 you want. JP makes quality rifles you wonít be disappointed

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    Start eating some quarantine snacks, bulk up. lol 11.5 BCM Pistol?
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    If you build it yourself you can get down to like 3 or 4 lbs but it requires a ton of titanium parts and those aren't cheap. Also, CF handguards and ultra-lightweight stocks would have to be used. There was a thread on 68forums about a lightweight ar15 but they changed forum software a bit ago and I haven't taken the time to find out how to get to my subscribed threads or I could get you the link.

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    My wife prefers my SAM7R, it weighs more than a 6920. Maybe she just needs more time handling it?

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    My wife likes the ddm4v7 SLW... I have an aero 14.5Ē pin/ welded build with the atlas s-1 that real light
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    This guy built one that's 3.414 lb

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