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    Quote Originally Posted by Bosco View Post
    This guy built one that's 3.414 lb

    Why is he closing one eye like hes aiming using a stinking red dot?
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    If you want to get a look at and the feel of a JP Light Wt. rifle, you can at Louisiana Gun. They have one in stock. They are at 12728 Jefferson Hwy. BR


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    Once the lower is available the WWSD 2020 project is using a polymer lower that’s very light with a pencil barrel.

    I think KE Arms will be the manufacturer of the lower. More information about the WWSD 2020 project you can watch videos on YouTube from InRangeTV or go to Brownells for more information.

    I’m not endorsing it. Hell it doesn’t even yet but it’s a lower cost option that is designed from the ground up for low weight reliability. They’re saying the lowers will begin shipping next month.


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    BCM has a 14.5" upper that would come in at just under six pounds (plus optic) as a complete rifle. Unfortunately, the complete upper runs around $1K by the time you add BCG and charging handle, etc.

    I wish that I had bought one of the Robar polymer ARs when they were still available.

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    Get rid of the junk (heavy accessories) and back to the basics. 16" (or less with a stamp) pencil barrel with iron sights, or lightest optic available if you absolutely have to have one. Plain handguard with no or one small rail for a light which is mounted only when needed. Go to 10 round magazines for her (or only partly load your 30-rounders). Don't know if a plain buttstock is lighter than the adjustable butt - research it.

    As a sidetrack - My wife likes my 5.2 lb (5.8 lb loaded) M1 Carbine much better than any of the ARs for our farm use because of the weight and simplicity. At 2 MOA with iron sights, it's perfect for her out to 150 yds or so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gunshow View Post
    Does anyone know a good manufacturer who makes a light AR-15 5lbs and under?My wife is small frame and the 6920 is too heavy. Thank you
    I don't know about under 5lbs but IMHO the best is a USGI carbine with a pencil barrel and standard military furniture. I have found Magpul and non-Colt furniture to be heavier. My Colt carbine (dual shielded) hand guard and waffle stocks are very lightweight. You can get a 6920 or 6920 OEM, and swap the barrel with a nice pencil barrel, and possibly keep the spare or sell it to recoup investment.

    Use a Magpul rear BUIS it weighs nothing. The FSP helps keep recoil down. If she needs an optic the pistol style reflex optics like Vortex Viper and a Samson/Vortex lower 1/3rd mount. A BFG V1 sling is great minimalist sling.

    You can play with furniture to reduce a bit of weight but you really don't need anything more than BUIS for a defense gun. Focusing on establishing a kit with loaded magazines is more important and getting your wife proficient in handling the gun. An ambi BCM charging handle makes it easier for smaller people to charge the handle. I have a ultra lightweight fore-end that would be nice if you can remove the FSP and replace with a low pro gas block and add the fore-end, but you have to ensure you do not mess up the gas would allow her to hold closer to the muzzle and control muzzle rise and get back on target faster. There are many options if you want to take this additional step: and due to the low weight of some fore-ends you may shave weight off overall.

    Good luck! In the end the body mechanics is the way your wife will learn to handle the AR15, once she gets the mechanics it's really incredibly easy to handle and operate. Any lighter than 6lbs and the recoil of full power 5.56N defense cartridges being cycled through the operating system will throw the sights off more than need be.

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    Havnt found an AR yet my wife can shoot, she says the make too much noise lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by mike84z28 View Post
    Havnt found an AR yet my wife can shoot, she says the make too much noise lol
    Put a can on it. I shoot my 10.5in 5.56 without ear pro and with a SiCo Saker on it and no problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shrxfn View Post
    Put a can on it. I shoot my 10.5in 5.56 without ear pro and with a SiCo Saker on it and no problems.
    That might help with the sound, but it's not going to help with the weight.

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    I think Faxon makes a very light AR.

    Have you thought about an M1 Carbine?
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