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    pyrodex 50/50 pellets free

    i have an unopened box of 100 and an open box of 70 hodgdon pyrodex pellets. 50gr/.50cal meant for use in inline muzzleloaders.

    they were bought last fall for deer season.
    i no longer have the rifle so id like to trade them for ammo.

    id like .22lr, .32acp, 9x18, 9x19, or 45acp. i paid $25/box at bass pro, so id like to get about $30 or so worth ammo

    loose mixed centerfire ammo is fine, as long as its not handloads/reloads, or range duds.

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    Bump and drop to $20 of ammo.

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    Free. I work in Gonzales and live in Watson.

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