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    Hey yall, I'm Archie. I'm from Metairie, La. I currently have a FNX 45 Tactical, FN 5.7, Beretta 92FS, custom built 308 AR10, and am building a custom 300 blackout AR15. Hoping to buy, trade, and most importantly learn a lot!

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    Welcome to Bayou Shooter

    Louisiana Gun

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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome aboard.

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    Don’t troll me bro!

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    Hey Archie and welcome. Sounds like you have some fine pieces there. I’ve always liked the 92’s and was pleasantly surprised by the FNX pistols as of late. Mine are both in .40 but I’m now looking for a FNX 9 because of how sweet the 40 is to shoot.
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    Welcome from S/W La.---

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    Welcome from Ascenion !!!!

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    Hi Folks
    I'm Al from Metairie , a buddy of mine told me about this site.
    I am interested in buying a Keltec KSG


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    Welcome to the forum guys! I am new here as well. Abrouss, check out the marketplace, I think I remember seeing one for sale there.

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