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    Thought exercise for the legal experts and the rest of us

    So Iím sure this has been discussed but I canít search on my half broke iPhone six. Also canít easily type numbers.

    The hearing protection act. Supposed to re designate suppressors from nfa items to just muzzle devices. Been reading the suppressor market is way down and form four approval times are down to eight to twelve weeks because nobody wants to barf our two hundred bucks and wait for something you might be able to buy over the counter soon. Soon being that nebulous term meaning probably never but weíll milk this cow til the teats fall off.

    Letís say it does pass and atf suddenly isnít responsible for telling people they canít own suppressors. What happens to all the applications in process? Are they just deleted and the nfa dealer just calls the applicant to come get their property? Foregone conclusion ainít nobody getting their tax stamp money back since that was spent before the ink dried on the deposit slip. Also foregone conclusion all the info will stay on file in perpetuity regardless of how illegal that is.

    Discuss? Thoughts?

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    Sic semper tyrannis

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    8 to 12 weeks? Where are these numbers from?

    I sell NFA items and do the forms on the reg. Latest I have seen is 7 months and I thought that was an improvement!

    But as far as the gubment taking money....depending on the legislature that passed and how its worded would probably dictate if they have to return funds back to the tax slaves. I say good luck. They love taxing us. I hate to sound so pessimistic and say it but I dont see it happening anytime soon. But thats just the dead horse speaking I reckon.
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    I am an NFA dealer in Lafayette; last year wait times were averaging 10 months on a trust and 9 months for individual applications.

    This year I have received several 7 month stamps, one 4.5 month stamp, and the last was just under 6 months.

    The Hearing Protection Act died with Parkland; Republicans lost their will to push it and now, with Democrats controlling the house, there is no chance it will be passed.

    If you want an NFA item, buy it and wait your time; if you are waiting for HPA to pass, you may die before then.

    George @ Armbruster Armory, LLC

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    I can see them not making it retroactive. So any cans bought before the date are subject to the old law and still need a tax stamp. The "workaround" would be to go to the gunshop and return the one bought before the date and buy it after the date. At that point, the application is no longer needed. If I were to be 2 months into the approval process and the check has been cashed and I change my mind now, what happens to the funds?

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    I wish it was 12 weeks, and the companies may be hurting, but I feel like suppressor supply is way down right now.

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    Buddy of mine was talking w ATF folks recently. We should really start looking more at the form 1 process than the form 4. The hard copy forms are a giant nuisance but the online e-file tool has been returning approvals in about 2 weeks or less.

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    I'm not an attorney, and I've never played one on TV. Also, I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

    Please look at Harper vs. Virginia Board of Elections.

    The Supreme Court ruled that rights were granted by your creator and cannot be bought sold or taxed out of existence. They also went as far as saying that rights were not dependent on your "affluence". This case had to do with voting rights, but if applied to 2A rights then the National Firearms Act would be unconstitutional. As would Louisiana's concealed carry permit scheme, Elizabeth Warrens plan to tax gun rights out of existence, and many others.

    Your Thoughts?

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    The suppressor market is not down...go try to find something in stock. Just like guns and ammo, suppressors are hard to find now. Go look at and see how many are backorder/oos. Also, best times I've seen lately is 6-7 months. You may be confusing Form 1 times with Form 4 times. You can Form 1 and build a suppressor and IF you file it online you could get your stamp back in 4 weeks.

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