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    TC Contender and Encore Rifles

    I have a Contender G2 and have had it for several years. Mine is in 17 hmr and wears good glass. I've hunted with it a couple of times but i find it a little too hot for tree rats.

    My question is if there is a community here that shoots or hunts with these? I've seen several bought and sold here but not much discussion about them. I'm on the fence about keeping it and would like to hear from some locals about their opinions and experiences. Its a really nice rifle with beautiful wood, I'm just undecided.

    What say you?

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    On Target

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    Close to 20 years ago, I've hunted exclusively with a 45-70 contender. The barrel was a 14" made by SSK industries. It was deadly out to 130 yards. Than I graduated to a 309JDJ barrel. I shot a prong horn in Wyoming with a 465 yard shot(it took 6 shots, and I had a spotter). You may want to reach out to SSK Industries. They;ll help you with whatever it is that's Contender related. I'm not sure if JD Jones is still alive. He's the owner of SSK. He's the creator of the round 300 whisper, that transform to what we have today call the 300 blackout.

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    You might try Graybeard Outdoor Forums in the Encore and Contender subForums. Also, specialty pistols forum.

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    Used to have an encore pro hunter.
    .45/70(20"), and .204ruger(24") that I shot regularly. Owned several other barrels but never really kept any but those 2.
    There's a couple really good forums where you can get tricks and tips, barrel trades, find custom barrel manufacturers, etc...
    Unfortunately I had to let mine go a few years ago.

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    You may want to consider putting a .22 LR barrel on it since you like it and think the .17HMR is too much. Try Natchez Shooters they sell G-2 barrels. Ed's Contenders is a good source also.

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    I have an encore that is my go-to when I head out to WY. I have taken hogs in FL with my 6.5*06 with Ziess glass and regularly use 300 win mag for elk, that barrel also has Ziess. For my iron sights, i have a 45 and 50 cal black powder. There are plenty of other toys in the safe but i enjoy the built in pressure of ensuring that you make a good shot the first time. Debating on picking up a 270 barrel next...

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    I've spent plenty of time on GBO. They have a pretty good group. I was mostly interested in what the locals thought. I really like the idea of building a handgun with it but never did. 22 lr makes sense. I'm also interested in the straight walled calibers and maybe something like a 30-30 or 300 blackout. Maybe the 17hmr in a short bbl wont tear them up so bad.
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    You shouldn't have any trouble trading your .17 HMR barrel.

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