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    CAT Tourniquets checking interest

    A couple weeks back I posted a small volume of CAT tourniquets (Combat Application Tourniquet) at a greatly reduced price from retail and Iím checking interest in case anyone else here wanted to secure a few below retail. Iím able to order them in bulk and would gladly pass the savings on to first responders and the likes if I knew I wouldnít be left holding the bag. I can get them by the hundred ct. case and would have to figure the cost per piece after shipping but safe to say around 15 bucks each which is around half of retail. Anyway, last crate we ordered took a couple weeks to arrive and we split it 3 ways. Not looking to profit from this venture and not looking to unload them one by one either. If there are likeminded folks here who would like to put their hands on a quantity of these for a great savings, post up what you think you might want and Iíll check back.

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    I am in for Five can meet up in Hammond or Mandeville.

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    Ill take 5.
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    I am in for 3 (I would do 5 if that's what it takes)
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    Sooooo Cheesy!

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    Could do with 6.

    (If you need more bought to make it worth ordering, I’ll gladly buy 10.)
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    On Target

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    is there a minimum order req’t? would love to get in on it but don’t need a ton of them; 5 would be ideal

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    These are a great thing to have on hand, I bring one on my range bag and when I'm in the woods hunting. Just a tip for those ordering: If you haven't been trained on these, buy an extra and mark it for training. Practice applying on both arms, on your legs, and on another person. Don't practice with your emergency TQ!

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    Like everyone else, I'd be in for 5 if that works for you.

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    Moving forward

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    I’d be in for 3-5.

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    Id be in for a few (3-5), but I could do more if needed.
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