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    Quote Originally Posted by DAVE_M View Post
    That was an issue with Gen 2 magazines. IIRC, Gen 3's include them for people that believe the feed lips will explode. I've had Gen 3 PMAG's fully loaded for years. No cracked feed lips yet.
    I had 1 Magpul 308 mag that had a split feed lip but Magpul made it good - CS guy said it happens infrequently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thperez1972 View Post
    If I’m not mistaken, they’re not just dust covers. They seem to make contact with the first round and may take some pressure off the feed lips.

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    This is why I want them, I have been loading every mag I got since all the chaos started!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DAVE_M View Post
    People still use dust covers?!?
    I do if I keep them loaded for extended periods of time, keeps pressure off of the feed lips, pushes top round down 1/8” or so and keeps stress off of the feedlips which is about the only week spot that I have found on them... I personally haven’t had any crack but there’s a lot of videos of them cracking from having been loaded for a few years or so

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