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    Why not mention his name? Why be diplomatic or gentlemanly to a criminal? Courtesy and respect are earned; names and reputation are the whole reason we have a feedback and rating system. Blast his ass, in the interest of helping the less knowledgeable or budding gun enthusiasts that he is attempting to prey upon.
    If you see a rattlesnake on a preschool playground, you just don't walk past or keep quiet about it, making it the next unsuspecting child's problem; you dispatch it in the interest of others. These POS rely upon etiquette and threats of slander/ libel liability to function. It isn't libelous if it is true. Now dispatch that predator! If he is a victim himself, he will ID who scammed him and seek proper recourse; you are not helping him if you don't point it out. Otherwise, he will just scam another, less shrewd, buyer.
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    Bunch of Chinese rails that you can get on eBay if you don’t want to wait for Alibaba.

    I think radical firearms uses the same/similar rail recently

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