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    105 grain bayou Bullets

    Hey guys! Got my hands on a bunch of 105 grain Bayou bullets. Wondering if anyone has used them and have any good load data for them. Running a JP with 14.5 barrel. Currently using 4 grains auto comp and works really well but is very dirty, and have no idea where Im at as far as power factor. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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    I’ve been using the BB 9mm 105 gr for some time now. Pushing it with 4.6 grains of WST. Everything running through those guns comes out dirty. Since they are a blow-back action, all the dirt comes back into the upper. Keep it lubed and it will run and wear gloves when you clean it.

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    I have the JP 14.5" as well. I've been running 125gr Blue bullets with 3.5 of titegroup. It's been a while since I chronod, but if I remember right it was right at 137PF. I finally ran out of my Blue bullets and my last order is right at 6 weeks with no word of delivery.

    I picked up some 145gr Bayou bullets from Bryan last week. Loaded them the same at 3.5gr of titegroup. I am going to chrono Saturday to see where I'm at on the PF.

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    A blow back action lets a lot of crud get in the works . You need to find a bullet that is heavy enough to drive up the press and make a complete burn before the action opens .
    My best combo is a 124 grain bullet and just enough HP38 / W231 to cycle the action .
    Accurate Arms #2 and Titegroup might be other powders to try .
    It's a delicate balance between enough powder to cycle the action and no more with a burning rate that is fast enough so most of the powder burns and burns cleanly .
    Good luck will find a load with some testing .
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