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    Public Land Hunters

    I'm sure there are plenty of us, I like to know who I might be in the woods with! Post below what WMA/Public land you hunt!
    My main spots:

    Honey Island (hogs, deer, duck)
    Big Branch (duck)

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    Sorry, I can not answer since I only hunt on private land that I have been given permission to hunt on by the owners of the land.

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    I run ''private'' land owner's off my land...Don't be That Guy !
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    Redneck with a gun!

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    I hunt ducks on point aux chenes WMA.
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    Deer and hogs up at red river and three rivers

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    Deer, Hogs and tree rats at The PRWMA

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    Honey Island/Pearl River (Squirrel, Hog, Doe, Buck)

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    Sherburne squirrel
    Pearl river squirrel and hogs
    Trying to get boat in order to access better hunting areas
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    I duck hunt at Big Branch WMA. Also duck hunt at Pearl River WMA.

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    Red River [richard yancey] and tensas nwr the last 30 or so years.

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