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    Civil war documentary

    I recently watched an excellent documentary about the Civil War. It is called "Civil War 360" and can be found on the Smithsonian TV site which can be sound on many cable or streaming TV systems.

    It is hosted in thee parts by Ashley Judd, Trace Adkins and Dennis Haysbert. It is very accurate, discusses may historical artifacts, and is impressive. The thing that is striking is the fact all of the hosts had family who were in the Civil War. It is thought provoking, allows us to see who we are as Americans, where we came from and how we got here. It emphasizes why it is so important to remember all aspects of that war, it's impact on Americans and to learn from our past and not hide it nor tear it down.
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    I have seen it and agree that it does tell the story of the Civil War from a more personal point of view, but I think that it still leaned entirely toward it being about slavery and completely ignored all other reasons of the time that were just as if not more important. As usual. Wars are never single issue.

    Ashley Judd... really? You would think she might have learned something from her heritage or at least the experience of hosting and having it told. Proof that you canít fix stupid in my opinion.

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    I agree a bit slanted.

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